Mentoring  A Touch From Above

Our Programs for Youth and Adults

MATFA offers a variety of programs for both at risk adults and youth in Long Beach, California.

Our House (OH)

MATFA has a transitional house in California for adults and young people (18 – 25) released from the California Department of Juvenile Justice. Our new transitional house will be opening in 2015 in Long Beach, CA while our transitional house in Long Beach will be ready to be utilized if necessary in 2014 to 2015. Our goal is that these positive learning environments will create and build upon the values taught by MATFA mentors through the Reclaimed for Purpose (RFP) program inside youth facilities. These homes provide continuation of the MATFA support system and strengthen a released youth’s opportunity for productivity after release from incarceration. This program includes:
  • Housing for Male Adults in Need
  • Moral Study
  • Life Skills Training
  • Family Style Environment
  • Sober Living Skills
  • Job Placement
  • College Assistance
  • Financial Planning

Saving Our Children At Risk (SOCAR)

SOCAR is a preventative program in partnership with the Long Beach Unified School District. MATFA’s aim is to educate children in grades Six through Eight on their choices regarding life and participation in serious crime. The program began in April of 2002 and is designed for up to 100 students per year. The program includes:
  • Mentoring on premises
  • Student life skills
  • Guest speakers
  • Gang awareness
  • Drug and alcohol effects
  • Music and arts
  • Field trips
  • Graduation

Reclaimed for Purpose (RFP)

MATFA trains and supports mentors to help youths in the program to acquire skills needed for re-entry into society. Our mentors counsel all individuals in the program to help them understand they are “at risk” of being incarcerated again if they do not change their lives. MATFA’s curriculum helps young people succeed by teaching them to look at the choices the make on a daily basis.

MATFA has been able to reduce the recidivism rate to a remarkable 8% for participating individuals in the California Department of Juvenile Justice (Norwalk). These young men and women are aged 13 to 25. Approximately 250 youth are enrolled in this program.

MATFA has recently founded a correspondence program with Soledad State Prison in California. This is a program for Soledad inmates who are serving a life sentence that want to give back to the community by mentoring youth coming into the prison system on taking accountability for the crimes they’ve committed.
  • Inmates have a correspondence program that will be distributed to at risk youth to dissuade them from committing further crimes to end up in the prison system
  • Mentor children coming in that are being tried as adults
  • Correspond to incarcerated youth through the MATFA program to share their experiences at committing crimes to help lead youth away from committing further transgressions
  • Everyone has a right to change and to learn forgiveness
MATFA provides post-release support programs for both the youth and their families. Training includes:
  • Mentoring for up to one year after release
  • Training for social and behavioral skills
  • Support to complete their education
  • Vocational training while gainfully employed
  • Help working with parole and probation officers to provide safe, disciplined housing and school re-entry

Peace in the Storm (PITS)

This new program offers hope for those that have experienced tragedies and trauma in their lives, and cannot seem to find their way out. Pain and suffering, as well as hurt and sorrow lead us down a path that we don’t want to travel.

PITS helps these people examine the situations they’re in and see them from a different point of view. This will help lead them down a path of forgiveness and gain a better understanding of how to cope with their situations. MATFA will work with police departments, healthcare facilities, and schools to help these people as much as possible.
  • We work with these people for an extended period of time until they reach their goals
  • We will be notified by various institutions and we will help lead people up toward the path of healing
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